We’re a little Greener!

We have always been big on recycling at
. We recycle cardboard, paper, glass and plastics at our warehouse. Our shipping boxes are 60% post-consumer cardboard, and our paper has high recycled content. 

This year, we further reduced our use of paper products. Our boxes are thinner, which means significantly less cardboard. We no longer print packing slips for our orders. Instead, we print an invoice (receipt) only, and use this as the packing slip. This saves tens of thousands of sheets of paper over October alone. And we have opted to use a soy-based ink that, unlike petroleum-based products, is not harmful to our environment.

We do not print faxes or emails, nor do we offer a paper catalog. We use boxes from our manufacturers for storage, rather than replacing them with “pretty” ones.

It’s all small stuff, but it adds up. Now when you see our staff in bright sunlight, we all have a slight green tinge to our skin…