New Michael Myers Mask

October 25, 1978, “Halloween” was released in America. And with it, Michael Myers was born. Thirty years later, Michael Myers is still one of the most famous villains in film.

Do you know how the mask got started?

The film’s budget was only $320,000. Even for 1978 this was a shoestring budget; half of which went to Panavison cameras.

According to Don Post Jr., President of Don Post Studios, (famous California mask-making company), the filmmakers originally approached his firm about custom-making an original mask for use in the film. The filmmakers explained that they could not afford the costs involved in creating a mask from scratch, but would offer Post points in the movie as payment for his services (“Points” refer to the equivalent of shares.) Post declined their offer, as he received many such proposals from unknown filmmakers all the time, but did suggest that they repaint/refurbish the “Captain Kirk” masks eventually used in the film. This netted Mr. Post a profit of less than $100. After the film became a hit, Post estimated that if he had accepted the original offer for points in the film in exchange for his creation of an original mask, his profit would have run well over $100,000.

Turned down by Post, the prop department had to use the cheapest mask that they could find in a local costume store. They bought a Star Trek, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) mask.  

They painted the face white, messed the hair up and re-cut the eye holes – to create one of the most famous masks ever made.

Fast-forward to 2008. Eight sequels have been made, although Halloween 3 didn’t include Michael Myers (but did have that really cool pumpkin.) The last film to come out was in 2007, Rob Zombie’s “Halloween.”

A year later, the Rob Zombie Michael Myers Mask is now available to the public – the first major change to the mask in 30 years. Deep cuts criss-cross the mask, giving it a new, eerie look, just like the newest film.

Rob Zombie Michael Myers Mask

There are now at least seven licensed Michael Myers Masks on the market. Whether you’re a fan of the original “Halloween” or a more recent sequel or remake, you’ll find a mask, costume and butcher’s knife at

We’re a little Greener!

We have always been big on recycling at
. We recycle cardboard, paper, glass and plastics at our warehouse. Our shipping boxes are 60% post-consumer cardboard, and our paper has high recycled content. 

This year, we further reduced our use of paper products. Our boxes are thinner, which means significantly less cardboard. We no longer print packing slips for our orders. Instead, we print an invoice (receipt) only, and use this as the packing slip. This saves tens of thousands of sheets of paper over October alone. And we have opted to use a soy-based ink that, unlike petroleum-based products, is not harmful to our environment.

We do not print faxes or emails, nor do we offer a paper catalog. We use boxes from our manufacturers for storage, rather than replacing them with “pretty” ones.

It’s all small stuff, but it adds up. Now when you see our staff in bright sunlight, we all have a slight green tinge to our skin…

New Hustler Costumes

Playboy Costumes debuted in 2006. Their ultra-sexy designs and high quality made them a hit for Halloween parties. They were a bit pricey ($60 to $175), but the quality was amazing.

Two years later, Hustler has released its own line of sexy costumes. Like the Playboy costumes, their designs are definitely sexy (or naughty, depending on your mood), and they also are very high quality – much higher than the average Halloween costume. They also feature a very attractive price range, averaging $52-$80.

We’re offering five enticing styles you’ll love. The Hustler Cop costume, Hustler Nurse costume, Hustler School Girl costume, Hustler Baseball Girl costume and the Hustler Flasher costume. The first four are Hustler’s takes on classic sexy costumes, with the Hustler logo. And the Hustler Flasher? Well… 

Hustler Flasher Costume

Looks like a pretty simple costume, but when you look more closely you see how nice it is. The short trenchcoat jacket is fully lined with bright red ‘Hustler’ fabric. Hustler “boy” panties and sequined pasties with red tassles have role-play written all over them. What man wouldn’t like to come home from a hard day’s work to be greeted by this?


First, let’s go back a year. To be honest, 2007 was a rough year for us. We had a horrible shopping cart system that kept us from operating at an optimum level. It was as if there was a poltergeist in our computer system. Unfortunately, it got worse as we rolled into October, and we couldn’t make a change until the season was over.

Priority number one for 2008: Fix it!

After months of tweaking, sweating and some cursing, the site went live in July. We are still making adjustments here and there, but this is a major improvement over 2007, and we are extremely happy. If you are one of the customers that experienced our problems last year, we sincerely apologize. We hope we can win your trust back.

That said – Let me tell you about some of the new features that will make your Halloween shopping experience more pleasant.

Email notifications. Seems simple, and it should have been. But our software last year never worked properly, and email notifications didn’t happen. Well, that is not a problem any more. Customers get a confirmation email when their order is placed, and another when it is shipped, tracking numbers included (if applicable).

Faster checkout time. Our shopping cart is greatly improved. When you are ready to check out, the process is simple and fast – Just the way it should be.

Processing time. Last year, this was a major issue. This year, we’ve cut that time in half. We’re ready for all you last-minute Halloween shoppers!

We’ve also started our SPOOKSHOP Newsletter to provide you information on upcoming sales, new Halloween products and how-to tips. We don’t want to clutter your inbox, so when you sign up, expect to see one email a month, unless something really exciting is happening and we feel you should know about it.

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