New Hustler Costumes

Playboy Costumes debuted in 2006. Their ultra-sexy designs and high quality made them a hit for Halloween parties. They were a bit pricey ($60 to $175), but the quality was amazing.

Two years later, Hustler has released its own line of sexy costumes. Like the Playboy costumes, their designs are definitely sexy (or naughty, depending on your mood), and they also are very high quality – much higher than the average Halloween costume. They also feature a very attractive price range, averaging $52-$80.

We’re offering five enticing styles you’ll love. The Hustler Cop costume, Hustler Nurse costume, Hustler School Girl costume, Hustler Baseball Girl costume and the Hustler Flasher costume. The first four are Hustler’s takes on classic sexy costumes, with the Hustler logo. And the Hustler Flasher? Well… 

Hustler Flasher Costume

Looks like a pretty simple costume, but when you look more closely you see how nice it is. The short trenchcoat jacket is fully lined with bright red ‘Hustler’ fabric. Hustler “boy” panties and sequined pasties with red tassles have role-play written all over them. What man wouldn’t like to come home from a hard day’s work to be greeted by this?

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