First, let’s go back a year. To be honest, 2007 was a rough year for us. We had a horrible shopping cart system that kept us from operating at an optimum level. It was as if there was a poltergeist in our computer system. Unfortunately, it got worse as we rolled into October, and we couldn’t make a change until the season was over.

Priority number one for 2008: Fix it!

After months of tweaking, sweating and some cursing, the site went live in July. We are still making adjustments here and there, but this is a major improvement over 2007, and we are extremely happy. If you are one of the customers that experienced our problems last year, we sincerely apologize. We hope we can win your trust back.

That said – Let me tell you about some of the new features that will make your Halloween shopping experience more pleasant.

Email notifications. Seems simple, and it should have been. But our software last year never worked properly, and email notifications didn’t happen. Well, that is not a problem any more. Customers get a confirmation email when their order is placed, and another when it is shipped, tracking numbers included (if applicable).

Faster checkout time. Our shopping cart is greatly improved. When you are ready to check out, the process is simple and fast – Just the way it should be.

Processing time. Last year, this was a major issue. This year, we’ve cut that time in half. We’re ready for all you last-minute Halloween shoppers!

We’ve also started our SPOOKSHOP Newsletter to provide you information on upcoming sales, new Halloween products and how-to tips. We don’t want to clutter your inbox, so when you sign up, expect to see one email a month, unless something really exciting is happening and we feel you should know about it.

Now the really fun stuff.  Look at the bottom of our home page, under “Halloween Fun” and see all the activities and articles that are available. Ever wanted to know the History of Halloween? Or maybe you like games. Do a Halloween Crossword Puzzle with the kids. Like movies? Read our film reviews, like The Dark Knight or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. See what films are on the horizon, like the new Friday the 13th… in theaters (You guessed it) Friday the 13th, February 2009. View movie trailers. Or vote in one of our many film polls. Who’s the scariest villain in a horror movie? Read FX makeup how-to articles, and find other costume and Halloween ideas. Find Haunted Houses close to you. Best of all, these pages are all FREE!

Come and visit our newly improved site. Let us know what you think.

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